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Free Automated Clicking Software to Speed Up Online Work

Are you involved with completing online surveys or does your job require you to view web pages on a consistent basis throughout the day? These are two of the numerous reasons why this free auto clicker can come in very handy. This system is able to automatically simulate both left and right mouse clicks within any online window. This can enable you to return your focus to other vital activities and thankfully this package can be yours in a matter of minutes.

Features and Functions of this Free Auto Clicker

One feature of this system revolves around accuracy. You will be shown the exact X and Y coordinates of a page button. This location can then be combined with others within a single window and stored for later use. You are also able to select discrete time intervals between pages (if you are utilising pay-per-flick software for instance) and the program can be cancelled at a predetermined time. Not only will this system help to reduce your stress levels but automatic clicks can preserve the physical condition of your mousepad and keyboard. Finally you can control the actions of the free auto clicker through the use of standard hotkeys.

Automatically click your mouse buttons, making mouse clicks faster and more accurate.

Free Auto Clicker is a handy program that enables automatically clicking your mouse buttons, making mouse clicks faster and more accurate. It can simulate left & right click to free your hands from repeating time consuming, repetitive & tedious tasks. It is able to record scripts, saving commands in a list by setting the X and Y coordinates (automatically calculated) for mouse clicks which will be automatically performed within the time period you choose.

When you have to perform hundreds of clicks in a short time, it is a wise idea to use Free Auto Clicker to do this to avoid physical wear and tear on the mouse. Also, Free Auto Clicker brings healthier way to use your mouse. You will never have to suffer from the pain caused by clicking.

With the help of Free Auto Clicker, the computer will perform exactly the same actions just like you were really clicking on your mouse buttons. The scripts you recorded are useful to schedule tasks automatically. They can be used for your work to improve productivity. It helps you place time-critical orders when the Stock market rises and falls or place last-second bid on eBay even when you are not around. It also assists game playing like feeding your pets, mining, woodcutting, fishing, etc.


  • It can be installed on most common operating systems.
  • No malware or adware accompanies the download.
  • A simple user interface.


  • Some sites may detect and disable this package.
  • As the latest version was just released there could still be some bugs or faults present.

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Free Auto Clicker


Free Auto Clicker 5.3.1 for PC

User reviews about Free Auto Clicker

  • poo hole

    by poo hole

    it got me banned from my fav minecraft server and my own luckily i have conole access


    by ADIVAgAmInG YT

    i think minecraft is difficult for pvp for me to pvp pro skywars.
    i think i can rext all pro in minecraft pvp cause im not good aMore

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